Plato’s Republic

Friday, April 10. 2009, 4:30pm

Location: Meet up in tearoom, probably move to Ryerson

Lecture by Dan Ioppolo


The prevailing tendency among modern commentators of Plato’s Republic has been to interpret nearly half of the work as an allegorical account. The degree to which Plato’s political theory seems revolting to the modern reader provides strong motivation for one to attempt to “save” part of the work by turning the objectionable parts, namely the account of the ideal city, into a mere allegory. In this talk I shall attempt to show that this view of Books II to V of the Republic is not consistent with what the theme or narrative the work. Furthermore, in the absence of an allegorical interpretation to draw on, I will attempt to address the theory of justice that is put forward in the Republic and show how it allows for an alternative reading that can be used by the careful reader to translate Socrates’ thought experiment of the ideal city into political principles that Plato would wish to guide human life in practice.


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