Basic Music Theory

Monday, May 25, 2009, 1:00 pm

Location: tearoom, then move to Ryerson

Lecture by Lib Gray


Understanding some basic music theory really adds to the
casual listening of music (and the not so casual). I’ll try
and make my talk as friendly to those who can’t read music as
possible, so I will be talking about the basic structure of
music found in the common practice period (i.e. music from the
12th to 19th centuries). I’ll talk about some basic ideas
behind music, how scales work, chords, modulation, phrases and
periods, “forms” of music such as binary, ternary,
sonata-allegro, fugue, rondo, etc. If I still have time after
talking through some of this, I’ll go through some basic
“classical” music history, and maybe some fun things like
Neapolitan Sixth chords (they’re pretty).


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