Introduction to Food Science, Or, How to Make a Better Stir Fry

4:30 pm Saturday, October 3, 2009

Location: Meet up in tearoom and move to Ryerson hopefully

Lecture by Max Falkowitz


Cooking is the controlled application of heat and water to proteins, starches, fats, and alcohols. The chemistry can be incredibly complex (to my unscientific chagrin, most of it eludes me), but a little know-how goes a long way, as it gives you the inarticulable intuition often shared by people who enjoy cooking and eating well. Learn how the selection of cooking materials, the time of year, types of ingredients, and method of cooking effects the final flavor and nutritional outcome of a meal. Gain some tips on how to rescue burning foods, loose sauces, and underseasoned dishes. Understand when fat is flavor and when it isn’t, and why onions cooked in butter taste so damn good.


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    Max’s lecture is here:

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