The Origins of Our Universe or How To Build A Universe in 57 minutes with chalk, a chalkboard, a toothpick, and an apple.

Sunday, October 18th, 2:00 pm

Location: meet up in tearoom, move to Ryerson

Lecture by Richard Ruiz


The human body is a very interesting contraption: it has organs, organelles, filled with fluid, and is composed of many smaller bodies of matter. However, there is another very universal body that is similarly filled with fluids and many smaller bodies: The Universe. I present a cosmological discussion from a particle physics perspective that will begin with the origin of the universe, evolve according to modern theories, of which some may be in their infantile stages of development, and, as a consequence of these ideas, build up what is recognized today as being the modern universe. Note: the universe that is known today is actually a much older universe that no longer exists. A newer, unseen universe is what currently exists.


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