Natural Goodness


Lecture by Dan Ioppolo

Location: meet up in tearoom, move to Ryerson


This lecture will cover the most important themes and concepts
presented in “Natural Goodness” by Philippa Foot. Foot is one
of the most notable neo-Aristotelians writing today and
“Natural Goodness” is one of the most discussed and
controversial pieces of her work. I intend for this lecture to
be a cursory snapshot of one of the major camps in
contemporary ethical theory.

Specific topics will include Foot’s response to
non-cognitivism, Aristotelian categoricals, natural norms,
immoralism, what it means for a human being to have a reason
to do something, and the relationship between happiness and
the human good. Once Foot’s position has been laid out we will
consider some possible objections to it and some possible
responses. Questions will be encouraged after the lecture.


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