How to Find a Job

2:15 pm, Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Lecture by Katherine Bierce

Location: meet up in tearoom, move to Ryerson

Ever wondered how to get a job, but didn’t know where to start?  Tired of CAPS advice that doesn’t actually apply to you?  Want to hear about job-hunting experiences from a 4th year who has been there, done that, and networked one hell of a lot?  This tearoom talk will include information on how to go about your job (or internship, or part-time school year employment) search.  There will also be a few parallels with regards to how finding a job is like getting a date, which should keep things entertaining.  Katharine has also placed 2 alumni with part-time work in Chicago and enjoys recruiting people for a variety of projects.  AKA if you attend this talk, you will get a chance to pick Katharine’s brain at the end in Q&A, and *gasp* this might actually be REALLY USEFUL.  : )


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