North American Railroad System

4:00 PM, Saturday January 8th 2011

Location: Ryerson
Talk by Steven LaRue

“The North American Railroad System is the undisputed world leader in freight transport.” This contentious (and really quite bold) statement has been passed around for the past few decades, but is rarely substantiated, and in the near future may be in serious jeopardy. You may be more affected by freight transport than you think, and a loss of world superiority would necessitate changes to everyday life and contribute to the disappearance of certain modern conveniences. I hope to enlighten all in attendance to 1) reasons why this statement is currently true, 2) the dangers that institutional reforms pose to the status of North American Railroads, and as a related subject, 3) the impact from the proposed initiatives in high-speed rail and the dangers posed to the freight rail industry.


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